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This is the story of Vault In a fresh world torn apart A/N: Here's the first chapter and my first attempt at a Fallout story. First thing you should. Vault 69 (Fallout) - /r/WritingPrompts. Cyael. Loading. Story of Vault 69 - a Vault with women & one man. women and one man are put into a fallout vault. What happens? easyhairstyles.se fallout vault 69

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Something as simple as making a bad first impression would have a tremendous effect on how the society would treat him. At first glance it would have seemed wonderful, stocked with food, plenty of clean water with an advance filtration system, and more than enough room for their two thousand residents. In Vault 69 they would run into trouble after about 4, maybe 5 with careful breeding monitoring. Slightly annoyed at the 'ethnical diversity' clause that had been part of it, nonetheless it had been an honor and privilege to be recognized for her accomplishments. Assuming the above suggestion does manage to work all the women take turns , you'll run into an issue one generation down the road where everyone outside of the initial population will be biologically related to everyone else. A microbiologist who specialized in agriculture, she had at first been thrilled when she received her voucher and papers. Games Movies TV Wikis.